Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wrapping 07MTH and a brain dump.

Yesterday was check-in/checkout for 07MTH The Dancer. When Aaron came home from wrapping Tuesday night he was uncharacteristically chatty about his day; he told me about how proud he was of the footage he captured. If you know my husband, you know he doesn't often talk about himself in this sense. I can't wait to see the footage, and I know Aaron is dying to see some preliminary cuts, too... I am proud of his work as a director of photography, and although he didn't specialize in DPing and chose to direct a thesis instead, I think his heart still belongs to cinematography.

For that reason I am dyyyyinnnnggg to get a dSLR. I've written about it before, and as long as Aaron reads what I post I'll continue to write about it, because (sigh) I want that.

So, I've got swirling around in my head all kind of ideas, but ideas don't mean anything unless you actually get to work and bring them to fruition. I want to sit down and sew, paint and draw and see if any of these things can actually do what I think they can—so now I just need to sit down and do them.

I'm in the midst of three(ish) projects right now: a tablecloth, pillows and painting some things. They have nothing to do with the sewing, painting, drawing I mentioned earlier, though. I've also been really bad about my reading list. Bad as in I haven't touched more than one of the books from my JANUARY list.

So, I have a head full of idea explosions, a house full of incomplete project explosions, and a wishlist. I think some priorities need to be shifted. I won't shop for or buy anything new before I finish the projects on my list (unless it's groceries, which we can't do without) (or a new camera).

I want to go camping at the beach this weekend. I don't know if we can swing it because of A's editing schedule, but if we can I will be so excited. It's perfect weather; I love camping; let's hope it works out.

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