Friday, February 25, 2011

on a fridizzle

I don't care for these things:
  • getting sweaty in the a.m. while blow-drying my hair
  • incurable skin
  • paying the big bucks for a short-term lease on our apartment
  • auto-play music on blogs
  • terrorists
  • answering "what will you do after film school?"
  • being far away from the familia
  • stomach aches from yogurt
  • the unfinished projects in my living room
  • not knowing aaron's weekend schedule (because there is never a schedule)
  • cancer
  • bad windshield wipers
  • fast food

I love these things:
  • toby sleeping on aaron's head. both of them having cheshire smiles.
  • power outages and re-enacting "flipping out" scenes with me as jenny and aaron as jeff instead of watching them
  • my coworkers
  • babies
  • polka dots
  • springtime
  • the possibility of beach camping
  • feeling loved and being able to love in return
  • wind in tallahassee
  • the king of limbs and rope
  • buying local produce
  • health
  • sticking to regular exercise and pondering running (like, for real) and encouragement from jillian.
  • the fam
  • learning new things and then doing them. and remembering how to do them next time. 
  • taking cell phone pictures
  • jay-z's "blueprint 3" track #5
  • blogging and blogs and bloggers
  • coming home to a husband playing his electric guitar
  • our neighbor's australian labradoodle "emma." She is a true Tommy Dog and if we ever get a dog I want one like her!
  • mozarella + pesto
  • getting a peek inside people's homes (sounds creepy, not intentional)
  • being a big dork when Aaron and I first hung out as friends and giving him a high-five instead of hugging him. I'm still a dork. 
  • the filmies. those guys are awesome.
  • the Oscars. see above. One day I hope I get to go. One day I hope my husband wins one. More than one. If you don't dream big what's the point, right?

My dislikes are so, so insignificant, and I'm thankful.

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