Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nursery Chair + Progress

We originally purchased an Ikea Jenny Lund chair and planned to convert it to a rocker using this tutorial from Mrs. Wigglebottom. Once Shepherd was born, I was spending a lot more time in the living room than in his nursery, so the chair stayed in the living room. Shepherd's nursery,  the living room, and our bedroom were literally ten feet from each other, so we didn't need a place to sit in either our bedroom or his nursery.

The same week we found out Aaron got the job in Nebraska, we stopped at a garage sale and I spotted a rocker that I liked and thought could work in the nursery in the new house. I bought the rocker for $5 (yes, $5!) and we loaded it up and took it home. The fabric wasn't in great shape, but I liked the chair in general, especially for that price. Aaron was not exactly thrilled to be adding more furniture two weeks before we moved, but since we had a huge truck, it wasn't a big deal.

I knew I needed to find fabric to recover the chair ASAP, so I went back to the original design I had for Shepherd's nursery. I still loved the herringbone fabric, and it was still available, so I bought about nine yards and a yard of white denim for the piping. The fabric ended up costing me nothing because I purchased it using a gift card from the pregnancy and melatonin medical study I was in.

The upholsterer Ashley and Jen recommended was amazing; he turned the chair around in less than a week. The movers were literally loading the moving truck as I drove back to our apartment with the newly upholstered chair.

Currently, the chair isn't even in Shepherd's room... Aaron likes that it reclines, so (sigh) it is in our living room. The rule is he can't eat or drink on it, though, so it may end up going to Shepherd's nursery sooner rather than later. I have my eye on a pair of chairs at our local thrift store that could be amazing if recovered. Now, if only I could find a good local upholsterer!

The nursery is still a work in progress, but my mom is visiting next week, and I've got big plans to put her to work to help me finish it before Shepherd turns one. :) Here is the scheme I'm going with:

Obviously, the fabric on the top is the rocker; the zig zag I still need to order; and the Doggy Days fabric on the bottom I have just under three yards of.

I have to tell you the craziest story about the dogs. At the same time I was deciding on fabric for the rocker, I saw the dog print in person and loved it. I pinned it a while ago, and in person it just seemed so fun for a little boy's room. Though it cost more than I wanted to spend, I still had it measured out just to see how much was available. The salesman came back and sort of apologetically told me that since there were fewer than three yards of the print, it was considered a remnant, but he told me he would reduce the price...I eagerly scooped all of it up for $3/yard; almost three yards for $10!

Now, I am working on the room layout, finding a fun rug that doesn't scream baby and can be used as Shepherd gets older, and hanging art. I originally wanted Shepherd's room to be done before he was born, but since that deadline has come and gone (and gone and gone), I am glad I have waited; I wouldn't have been able to get such good deals otherwise.

I will keep you updated on the progress I make in the coming weeks.

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Julia said...

I love the fabric you have selected! So cute for a little boy. I can't wait to see it all finished!