Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two pumpkin weekend

This was one of the last weekends of our town's farmers market, so Shep and I walked down to the courthouse to see what we could find. We got two pumpkins, zucchini and beautiful lettuce from Pekarek's, and then we went to the thrift store, where I found three books for Shepherd for a whopping $0.25 each.

We walked around town afterward, looking for garage sales, and found a couple but no treasures.

This week is homecoming, so Aaron has been working a lot of extra hours to capture all of the events going on. He also caught the cold Shep had earlier in the week, and he's felt bad all weekend. He's spent most of the time he's been at home napping, so I know he doesn't feel well.

The last few weeks have been really busy and exciting for me. After babysitting Shep and a two- and five-year-old all week the week before last, I had my first project site launch this week. I worked a lot, and (due to his cold, I think) Shepherd took great naps all week. I am so thankful and feel really blessed for this opportunity, and I am just so happy that it worked out. I know our family needs my income right now, and it's a privilege to do what I do. This opportunity was exactly what we prayed for, even before Shepherd was born, and the fact that it it is being realized just makes me want to work harder in praise.

Yesterday we met Jamanda in Lincoln as she passed through on her way to Omaha, which was so special to me. I loved getting to introduce Shepherd to her. It's like nothing's changed from our Neihardt days every time we meet up, and that's a good thing! :)

• In trivial updates, I am hunting for a dining room rug. Preferably something I can clean easily, because my baby is a messy little eater. Any suggestions?

• After Shepherd was born I got dark spots on my knees that haven't ever gone away. Pregnancy is so weird.

• I miss our Tallahassee pediatrician. He was the best, even though the office was the worst.

• I've noticed so many indie biz bloggers noting their products being knocked off by Target. That disappoints me a lot. Good luck to them as they fight the good fight , and shame on those big corps for stealing other people's hard work (and potential profit). Sucks because it is these people's livelihood, how they support their families, and it's being blatantly ripped off (OK, rant over).

Hope you're having a jolly weekend!

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