Sunday, February 5, 2012

37 Weeks - Superbowl Edition!

37 Weeks! 

How was this week? This week was a big mental mile marker for us as Baby Nix is now full term. At about 3 a.m. Monday I woke up to mild discomfort (like cramps-sort of) and thought "wow, this hurts." Fortunately, I was asleep again by 4 a.m. or so, and I think it was just prelabor. Nonetheless, I need to pack my bags for the hospital, as both Aaron and my mom reminded me last weekend (repeatedly).

It's February. I can't believe it. Last weekend, my amazing, generous parents drove to Tallahassee from Texas to spend a day and a half with us assisting in preparing for baby. They brought the refinished dresser and a bunch of baby stuff that couldn't fit in our car on the way home from Christmas, and it was exciting to re-open things. I am so thankful for them. Next time we see my parents, we will have a baby of our own.

My dear friend Jennifer took maternity photos on Sunday, which I'm eager to see. We took pictures at home; it seemed perfect to record us in the place we spend so much time instead of going out somewhere. I think in a few years we and, one day, our children will treasure seeing what our life was like before they arrived.

37 week appointment: This week's appointment was very brief. I hate taking my sick leave to sit in the doctor's appointment for a 20 minute visit. Nonetheless, at 37 weeks 2 days, I'm measuring well and have gained 15 pounds total. Baby's feet are kicking out the left side of my stomach a good inch above the right side, and it's so funny to see how lopsided I look. It's fun to push back on his heels. His heartbeat was about 150 at the appointment.

Cravings: Piggy's BBQ, a McChicken sandwich from McDonald's, cookie dough... there's a marked difference in what I'm hungry for lately. For lunch on Wednesday I had leftover BBQ and waffles. Yep. And it was amazing. I think I've been hungrier this week than I've been in the last 36 combined. I found Cadbury mini eggs in a fun-size when we were grocery shopping, and oh my deliciousness, I wish I purchased a box of them.

Nursery: With exception of a crib skirt and curtains, baby guy's room is ready for him! I'm eager to share

Baby's name: A definite first name and a few contenders for middle names. Aaron's bent toward traditional middle names cracks me up; I can practically guess what he might suggest. Since the baby's first name is a patronym, it makes it more difficult to come up with a middle name I like (because most of those are patronyms, too).

How am I feeling? I get really nervous when I go to sleep for some reason. I wake up on my back a lot, and despite my doctor's reassurance that it really is OK, I don't like it and poke and prod at baby immediately to feel his movement and make sure he is well. Sleeping on my side is getting old; One thing I don't remember reading anything about is how strange my stomach would look when I woke up from sleeping on my side. My stomach looks long and narrow, and I can't imagine how a 6-7 pound, 20-plus inch baby fits in there. I feel worst earliest in the morning or whenever I wake up for the bathroom; I always think "this might be it!" but I'm not really sure why. 

I walk up to the third floor to my office every morning, and it wears me out lately if I walk too fast. I need to do a better job about taking short breaks to walk around; everything (EVERYTHING!) from my waist down hurts about halfway through the morning and afternoon if I don't. My feet haven't swollen like they did in the last couple weeks, though.

In the evenings I get tired and, unfortunately for Aaron, come home and feel the need to finish a lot of projects that just wear me out and frustrate me if I don't finish them. I am thankful he deals with my task lists and does what he can to help me until I sit down and get in a bad mood that I didn't finish everything. I'm slowly trying to learn that it's not all going to be done before baby guy arrives, and that's OK. I'm thankful for how much extra Aaron is pitching in so I can stay relaxed. 

The last noteworthy comment about how I'm feeling physically is how irritating this new back pain is. It's near my tailbone, and I woke up with it pinching this morning. I think he might be hitting a nerve, and it's impossible to sit down or stand up without favoring my right side a ton. Hopefully he'll adjust a little bit. 

Truthfully, as much as I'm eager for his arrival, I don't mind these late stages of pregnancy. I want him to stay put for as long as he needs to and is healthy for him.

Etc.: One thing I keep thinking about is a 3D ultrasound. We are so close to meeting him now that it wouldn't make sense to spend $200 to see his face, but part of me wishes we had done it a few weeks ago. I know I will appreciate puttting that cash toward something else, but I really can't wait to see him.

Tonight Aaron is cheering for the Patriots and I am enjoying all of the delicious snacks (see cravings paragraph above). Whomever you're cheering for, I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday night and a relaxing end of the weekend!

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jennifer little said...

Oh my gosh! It's coming together soo well! I love it! Can't wait for him to arrive.