Friday, February 3, 2012

34, 35, 36 Weeks!

Apparently I never pushed the button to post this one---it's way out of date now, but here it is, for posterity! 

35 weeks

Ready for a major recap of the last three weeks of pregnancy? Let's catch up!

How have things been? No doubt, this baby is on his way soon. From comments from co-workers about how he's dropped to the inability to finish tasks as quickly as I'm used to, I'm definitely feeling the change. We haven't finished his nursery, but we sold the bed in the nursery (finally) to a really nice guy on Craigslist, our crib will be delivered this evening, our car seat is on its way and so are my parents! All we really need is a car seat to bring him home, so I'm feeling pretty good. What's the point in getting spun up about projects not being finished? As my doctor says, the best little project is coming along well, and that's what I'm focused on. That and my giant swollen feet...

  • swelling in my feet. Bold type necessary. I haven't experienced swelling (except on my return flight from New York City in the fall) until Week 36. On Tuesday and Friday of this week I woke up with hugely swollen feet. My shoes wouldn't go on. I was a little nervous about it after reading up on pre-eclampsia, but at my 36-week appointment on Wednesday, my blood pressure and the standard procedures revealed there's not any worry of pre-e at this point. I'll just continue to monitor it. 
  • "Birth Plan" stuff. My fantastic doctor and I had a great, long conversation about the things I'm hoping for and working toward during my labor/the birth of our baby. More about this to come. Also? I hate the words "birth plan." 
  • Week 35 was the first of my once-a-week appointments. Exam results were 40 percent effacement and 0 station.
  • Last night I couldn't fall asleep because Baby Guy was moving around so much. It was intense.
  • I still love sweet things. This is a departure for me. I previously craved savory foods; now I'm all about anything sweet, especially drink-wise. 
  • Definitely feeling some pressure (and I don't mean stress). It's lingered around since our trip over Christmas, and it is definitely not fun. I think it might be lessening, but, ick.
What's left to do? For the last week I've been on this major pampered princess kick. I want to schedule a massage, facial and pedicure for myself. Who am I? I don't know. But nothing sounds better than relaxing like that. However, it's not part of the to-do list. Here's what is part of the to-do list:
  • put together baby's room. Put clothes in dresser my parents are bringing.
  • install car seat (yikes! I know we're behind on this!) and get it inspected.
  • pack my hospital bag. I have some stuff put together, but I need to collect a few more things.
  • hair cut (tentatively scheduled for the second week in February).
  • make and freeze some meals. 
Predictions: Aaron thinks the baby will be born earlier than his estimated due date. I have a hunch that he is right, but I am still leaning toward after my due date (February 20).

I have been obsessing over looking at baby pictures of me and Aaron (above). I absolutely can't wait to see how, and like whom, our little boy looks. I oscillate between wanting him here sooner and later, mostly the latter, because I feel like I still! have! so! much! to! do!

Some things I've been frustrated with include my inability to finish tasks at my usual/former pace; I feel like I go in to the baby's room to work on things and within 20 minutes I'm tired and wanting to sit down. So I sit down in the big comfy chair and just look around the room and think about everything that still! needs! to! get! done!

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