Friday, February 10, 2012

Annual Friday Deluge of Random Thoughts

I'm terrible about not posting for a week and then writing down all of my randoms at the end of the work week. Content—I'm doing it wrong. Oh well.
  • The potato cravings are back with a vengeance. I'm eating one right now, actually. 
  • Aaron got me a massage for Valentine's Day. It's tomorrow, and I haven't been so excited for something in a long time. I am eager to be forced to reeeelaxxxxxx. I know I won't be able to take out my lists and write things down. I might just fall asleep.
  • I also might just do it and get a pedicure at the Aveda institute here. Splurge? Yes. Worth it? Probably. 
  • This baby's estimated due date is ten days away. Want to know the truth? I don't feel at all like he will be here soon. Maybe that's just because I don't feel terrible. It seems like most of the experiences I've heard about when baby arrives, mamas describe themselves as terribly miserable and ready. I think I am ready (as I'll ever be), but I'm definitely not miserable. Does that change quickly? 
  • If this baby doesn't come early, I am doing a research study on the effects of melatonin in pregnancies after 36 weeks with the College of Medicine here. I need the clinical nursing director to call me back so I can sign the consent forms and make some cash! 
  • I had to go to urgent care yesterday. I hate that place. The PA and doctor who saw me were really nice, though. 
  • Do you ever think about what your best season is? I mean, the one where you feel and act and are happiest? I think since moving to Florida, I say mine is winter; that's probably because we don't have winter here. Aaron reminds me that I used to hate walking out in the cold when we lived in Nebraska. I don't remember hating it, but I do remember being shaking cold.
  • I still haven't packed a hospital bag. I am doing that tonight. 
  • We don't have a middle name for S. Nix yet. 
  • I think "when are you due?" is a much nicer-sounding question than "are you about to pop?!" although the latter doesn't really bother me that much. I know I'm big. At least the guy at Chipotle kindly lied said you don't look big, you just look like you're having a big baby! I'll probably continue eating there forever because of that comment.
  • Two weekends ago Aaron asked me to clean up the back of his hair with the barber's razor. Have I ever blogged about this before? This is the bane of my existence, but Aaron won't go somewhere to have his hair cut anymore. Anyway, he asked me to help, and I told him I would do it, but I didn't have any idea how to cut men's hair. He said just do your best. Famous last words. I really messed up about a three-inch section of his hair. It looked terrible, but I wouldn't let him shave his entire head to match the length. Thankfully, it's pretty much grown out to be unnoticeable now. I still hate that razor system and think paying for a good hair cut is worth it.
  • I've said this before, and I'll say it again. It is frustrating to anticipate having the energy to do X number of tasks and not being able to get through them all. I feel like my to-do list never shrinks because I can't get all of the stuff done I want to, so I end up spreading it out.
  • I had to fill up my car with gas this morning. It was $3.56 and cost $37 to fill the tank. I'm thankful for my small car at times like this!


Smitten Design said...

Splurge for the pedicure. I hear they let you keep the nail polish at Aveda.
Are there bets on baby "s's" name? For some reason I think it's Samuel.
Tell Aaron to go to renegade on pensacola, across from Aveda. Tony's been going to some older guy there for 10 years, and he's cheap.

Julia said...

I agree! I think baby "S's" name is Samuel too. Enjoy your massage and go for the pedicure! Have a great weekend!!