Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Mishmash

My husband carries around our pets like they are babies. He can also moonwalk really, really well. Please excuse the come hither face and our messy kitchen!

See that look of longing to escape in Toby's eyes? Poor Toad.

Baby shower invitation cuteness.

A peek at a Pinterest project I embarked on. I love how it turned out...

And the finished ornaments hanging on our mantel. I love Christmastime and all of the lights.

I was reading about relaxation techniques for labor in our childbirth class workbook and was thinking about which images I will choose to focus on when I'm in labor. I don't have a very good minds eye, that is, I can't see things very well from memory when I try to think about them. I'm terrible at visualizing things. As I thought about all of the possibilities of visualizing things that relax me, I felt really frustrated because I just can't think of what these things look like. The only think I can think of, visualize and focus on, is Christmas lights. Bizarre. But it relaxes me. And I think it might just be exactly what I need!


Julia said...

Love your mantle with the garland and lights! Also, love your photo gallery wall. I so need to do a gallery wall in our house.

Amanda said...

Blue lights!!!! (and those people they make you think of)

Miss you!

emily/thesearethedays said...

blue lights make me think of YOU! ;)