Friday, December 9, 2011

                                                                              Source: via Emily on Pinterest

It's been four business days since the ultrasound and still no word from my doctor. So frustrating. I think I annoyed the nurses with my calls asking about the results. Each time it was the same answer and a promise that as soon as they received anything they'd call me back. Please know I'm not mad at anyone in particular. I just hate waiting, especially through another weekend.

On a happier note, I am looking forward to a trip to Thomasville tonight for A Victorian Christmas, where "an enchanting and magical holiday season" await us! And maybe I can talk Mr. Nix in to dinner at Jonah's... yes, that'd be delicious. And Jingle Jubilee tomorrow. I hope there are no baby boy things at either place. I might do some damage. But probably not. We don't have room for any more baby stuff until Birdie and Poppy bring baby his dresser from Tyler!

Speaking of, my dad is coaching his football team in the state semifinals game tonight. One more win and they will be in the state championship game. Go Lions!

Have a great weekend, everyone. 

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