Sunday, November 13, 2011

25 Weeks

25 weeks

Here we are at 25 weeks 6 days!

How am I feeling? I feel like I look slightly miserable in this picture... I'm not really miserable, but I have had killer pain in just one spot in the middle of my back for the last week or so. I notice it, for the most part, in the night time. It's not lower back pain; it's more in the area of my mid-to-high back, closer to my spine. Any ideas?

Otherwise, this week was a quiet one in pregnancy land. Highlights of the week include a three day work week and crazy awesome movement. Baby guy is moving around non-stop, and it's so strange and interesting to see my stomach moving as he jabs and kicks and rolls around.

What's his name? We are getting closer to having a name for baby guy(!), but we probably won't share it until he is born.

Cravings? This week has been all about sweets. Cookies and coke have been luring me in, and I have valiantly resisted with exception of last night, when I had both. The cold food streak continues; I am still loving cereal, fruit, and ice cold drinks.

Anything else? Having my mom here was another highlight of the week. We got to do some nursery shopping and planning, and she gave me inspiration I desperately needed. We are looking forward to our trip to Texas next week for Thanksgiving! Also, we got our stroller this week. My mom and dad very generously got us (and the baby) a [Husker] red UPPABaby Vista, and we love it so far! A bit premature, I know, given there is not even a baby to push around yet, but we had a great time walking around the neighborhood albeit feeling strange that the bassinet in the stroller was empty.

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