Tuesday, November 8, 2011

24 Weeks


We took this photo last Monday (the first day of week 24), which was Halloween. Hence the baby skeleton. Lots of mixed reactions on the shirt, from people who loved it to people who thought it was super creepy. It's one day a year, I thought, so what the heck!

The best part of this week was being able to spend time with my mom. She came in to town Friday, and she hasn't seen me since we announced the pregnancy. (I was actually pregnant at our beach vacation this July, but we hadn't told anyone yet.) I was so happy little guy cooperated and was moving and kicking quite a bit for her, so she got to experience that. I loved being able to glean advice from her about things big and small. He is a lucky little guy to have such a fantastic grandmother! 

On to the questions...

How are you feeling? Still feeling superb. 
Name: Nada
Food: Milk, cold things (cereal, fruit), sweet tea, fruit, oatmeal, fruit. We have to work on protein.
Etcetera: Birth class re-registration (they messed up our information the first time, and we weren't going to be able to take the class due to schedule conflicts); a fantastic baby shower; a great time spent with my mom; nursery progress; and just a few weeks until Thanksgiving! Aaron said last night to me that he just wants to know what he looks like. The way he said it was so sweet and despondent sounding. He's the best baby daddy.

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