Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The first week of November in photos

This is what I hate the most. Deciding what's for supper. It's gotten even worse throughout my pregnancy; early on, I couldn't eat anything, so I didn't have to answer the question. Now, I'm not really hungry for anything, so I have to lie (every night) about what I "want" to eat.
The honest truth, as evidenced in this conversation?
I don't care.

Yay, dresser for the baby's room! What a bargain. I can't wait for it to get repainted and repaired. Bonus- my mom and dad are going to have to drive it here. So we get to see them again, too!

Cinnamon roll pancakes made by my mom when she was visiting. SO GOOD! I'll post the recipe later this week... it's easy peasy and delicious. Thanks, Mom!

I love her so much! Mom came to visit for a long weekend, and she got to attend a shower hosted by my dear friends. Yay!

Love these stripes for the little guy! I may have to get this for him to wear next winter.

Nursery fabric inspiration and ideas. Mom and I spent the morning at Chrysalis fabrics looking at ideas and thinking of what this little guy's room will look like. This is one inspiration idea we came up with.


Julia said...

The pancakes sound delicious. Cannot wait for the recipe. Pancakes are my favorite. I am new to your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

emily/thesearethedays said...

Welcome and thanks for commenting, Julia! :)