Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today we had a monthly appointment with our doctor. I am 15 weeks and 3 days today, and I was very eager and somewhat nervous—it's been about 5 weeks since we've seen how the little one was doing, and though I didn't have an ultrasounds, it was a delightful thrill to hear a little heartbeat (about 150 beats per minute) in addition to a slower heartbeat (mine). I have lost weight since my ten week appointment, but my doctor wasn't concerned, as I am feeling well and can finally eat and be active again. I'm still a bit tired, but I will happily take that!

I'm so thankful I'm feeling up to life again. I really, really like my physician, and it's always so reassuring to speak with him and hear his viewpoint. I didn't really know where to start with finding a healthcare provider for this pregnancy, and after learning about the options available in our town and hearing various experiences, I am content with the route we have chosen so far. It's definitely a personal choice, and I think I'll share more about why Aaron and I chose this route as the pregnancy progresses.

At this appointment we set the dates for our next ultrasound, when we will be able to find out the baby's gender. The appointment is three weeks from today, on September 21. I am so excited. Obvi. Aaron and I agree on what we think the sex of the baby is, and I can't wait to see if we're right...

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