Friday, September 9, 2011

My friend Ashley had a great post about the changing of seasons this morning, and I couldn't agree more with her. Since our rainy Labor Day weekend, we've had the most amazing relief of cool weather—mornings in the 60s and afternoons in the mid-80s. It seems even my outlook on life has changed, I think in part to the glorious weather. I hope it sticks around and we don't rebound back to 90s, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did. I feel better living in Tallahassee in the fall. Maybe because we don't feel so far from home and all of the people we love so much when it's cooler outside.

Is listening to Pandora when Spotifiy and Rdio exist the equivalent of not being hip anymore? I used to fancy myself pretty familiar with (and open to) awesome new things, but I can't quit Pandora. When it comes to choosing music, I like not having to think but still having an opinion. My Pandora is so precise that it plays only about 37 songs. I will thumbs down a song so quickly. Do you guys use anything else? Am I totally missing out on something awesome by staying with Pandora? Will someone else choose music I like? My listening hours go pretty quickly at my desk job, so I'm open to being convinced to try something different.

I know some people find it annoying when all people can do is talk about being pregnant (or getting married or having a new baby or insert life circumstance here), but I find that trying to talk about anything else on this blog means I'm just not writing it down. I don't want to do that, and I'd rather have this as a journal to myself with no one reading than not write anything and still have no one reading. So, you're forewarned, I have a big feeling this blog is going center really closely on what's going on in babyland with a few peripheral things added in. So.

Aaron started his new job this week. It's weird not to have lunch with him at home every day, and I  miss him a lot more when I don't see him for eight hours. One of the best parts of the end of graduate school/most of August was spending time together at lunch. It's been pretty fun to see him dress up fancy for work though... handsome guy.


Smitten Design said...

As a reader, I totally approve of this turning into baby blog, or whatever whim you fancy!

Tia Peterson said...

100% agree with that - I love that you talk about whatever you love and it makes me happy to read about it!