Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Costs of Having a Baby

What are the costs of having a baby? One of the things Aaron and I are really interested in finding out is the amount we will spend in the months leading up to the birth of the baby and the costs incurred in the short term thereafter. I started a spreadsheet when we found out we were going to have a baby to track the costs of everything baby-related, including doctor's bills and hospital bills but not including insurance costs (which are withdrawn automatically from my paycheck).

It's a pretty short list so far, but I'm interested to see how it will grow. I have heard that so much of the things you "need" when you have a baby are certainly not necessary, and I am interested in seeing what we will spend. Did you do something similar? Would you be interested in seeing what we are spending? I've contemplated making the document (or parts of it) public as a way to show other people who are interested for future reference or just plain curious what the expenses of having a baby are as we go through the process.

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