Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It is almost here! Aaron's thesis film WMD premieres this Saturday night as the opening show for the Film School Gala. I am so, so proud of my husband and his ATL and crew for all of the work they've done this past year-plus. Aaron's brother TJ is a designer and did an incredible job on the key art for the film—Aaron is fortunate to have someone he can collaborate with and who will make all of the revisions he asks. Thanks, TJ, for all of your HARD work on WMD.

As for seeing the film, Aaron created a facebook fan page for the movie. You can like the film here. He'll update the page as his film is accepted for screenings at festivals, which will be the best chance to see the movie (unless you're in town and want to go to the gala this weekend). It won't be distributed through any online channels in order to keep it as limited as possible so festivals will want it, so to answer the question "how can we see it?" you'll just have to like the page and tell your local film festival you want to see WMD! Share the link, too... the more buzz we can generate for the movie, the better!

I really can't believe this movie is ready to go. I can't believe film school is almost over. Thanks, guys, for all of your support for the past two years. Thanks for letting me talk about this behemoth and vent when necessary. I'm looking forward to sharing good news about WMD as the months pass!

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Jamanda said...

I am so incredibly excited for Aaron. I know it's been a long road for both of you. I can't believe the end is here! Love you!!!!