Thursday, August 11, 2011

One big plate of exhaustion

So, graduation weekend is done. (APPLAUSE!)

We took a little trip the day after graduation, and we're home from that, too.

It was so good, and we are tired. I was actually looking forward to getting home and back to a routine, and, of course, Olive and Toby. I will be back to recap the entire weekend festivities and our trip soon, and also to fill you all in with what's coming up next in our lives. First thing? Probably rearranging this blog a little. Not sure what its going to change to, but the subhead isn't quite accurate any more. 

Thanks for all of your thoughts and congratulations for the premiere. It was a fun, fun night, and I am still so proud of Aaron and excited for WMD's festival future. For now, the job hunt continues, and we're patiently waiting and praying for what's next. 

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