Thursday, August 25, 2011

14 Weeks

How far along are you? 14 weeks

When is the baby due? Estimated February 20th

How are you feeling? Much better than I was for the last five or so weeks. The extreme nausea seems to have disappeared with the first trimester. I had severe nausea for most of July, which (fortunately or unfortunately) reared its ugly head at about 4 p.m. every day and lasted until the time I fell asleep. I have hated eating everything but cheerios until about two weeks ago. Please don't bring chicken near me. 

What helped with feeling sick? Singing out loud, cheerios and water. I tried taking B6 and half of a Unisom  in the morning and before bed, but the sleeping pill knocked me out, which meant I couldn't take it Monday-Friday because of work. I tried to tough it out for the majority of the first trimester, but I finally got so tired of feeling bad that I filled my prescription for Zofran. I took it for about nine days; it kicked the nausea and I felt OK eating bread/toast, fried eggs, mashed and baked potatoes and different types of cereal. In week 12 I stopped taking it to see if I needed it, and thankfully, I haven't felt bad enough to take it since.

Are you showing? Not much of a bump yet. Happy to keep wearing my regular clothes for as long as possible!

Do you have any weird cravings? Still not much of an appetite, but I'm doing much better than late June and all of July. Just give me fruit! Aaron has had a tough time policing me to eat at mealtimes. Breakfast seems to be the only time I can eat a full meal; lunch and dinner have become my least favorite times because nothing sounds good. I'm hooked on green monster smoothies. Also, I can't stand the thought of eating Chipotle. Aaron can't believe it either. 

 In the announcement video, the little person was pink! Are you having a girl? We don't know if baby is a boy or girl yet. We chose the pink peg only because the LIFE board game doesn't have a unisex option. That said, I feel like I know what the baby is. We'll see!

Those are the most asked questions so far. This week, baby is the size of a little lemon. Now all of our friends and family as well as co-workers know about the baby, and it's made everything a bit more real. It's nice to not have to keep a secret anymore, especially for Aaron. I think I would have kept it a secret for as long as possible if he hadn't put an end to it.

Image courtesy of my mom. That's me as a baby! Wondering if our baby will get my dark brown eyes or lighter eyes. For what it's worth, I'm the only person with brown eyes in my family. Every one else has hazel or green eyes! 

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Amber said...

Your Chipotle comment made me laugh! I LOVED Chipotle pre-children, but let me tell you...morning sickness and those buritos do not mix. It took me a long time before I could eat it again. Glad you're feeling better!