Wednesday, February 9, 2011


  1.  So I'm a little in love with Chipotle, and I'm OK with that, but in the last week I have been unfaithful to my delicious lover. The affairs happened once in Chattanooga at Mojo Burrito and once here in Tallywood at Bandito Burrito. I didn't order a burrito at Mojo Burrito, opting for the quesadilla instead (I didn't want to maybe like Mojo's better and then never be able eat it again - it's a local chain). The quesadilla was good, and I have no remorse. Today I ordered a burrito from Bandito... no comparison. And no way I will eat burritos from Qdoba (ick) and Moe's (double ick). Looks like you're safe with me, Chipotle.
  2. I'm a writer and editor by profession, and my dirty secret is I don't edit or proof these posts before they go live. How sloppy and unforgivable, I know. My fear is that I'll do more than line edit and start to take away content or change it too much. That's also why I tend to shy away from posting much personal stuff anymore. I'm going to make an effort to line edit while at the same time managing to post more personal stuff.
  3. I took the day off Friday to go to visit my sisters- and mother-in-law in Chattanooga, and a publication one of my articles was featured in hit the stands while I was out. When I came back to work Monday my wonderful friends/co-workers posted copies of the article all around our suite. Seriously, it was on our front doors, refrigerator in the kitchen, on my office door and nameplate and about four other places in my office. I have the most amazing friend-workers. I love my department, and I love what we do. They have become my closest friends and extended family here in Tallahassee, and I'm so thankful for them and that, of all possibilities, I landed here. 

Have a good day! Mine started kinda "meh," but it's improved.  Looking forward to Wednesday night at Casa Nix, which will be all about relaxing/finishing cleaning the office/second bedroom/film room.

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