Friday, August 26, 2011

14 Weeks (Aaron Version)

How far along are you? I guess 14 weeks (but Emily keeps telling me that 14 weeks actually means 16 weeks, or vice versa?)

When is the baby due? When I say it is.

How are you feeling? Well, my back is hurting more.  Maybe it's the uncomfortable bed?  Or the fact that I now sleep on the left side due to Emily's need to sleep on the right side so the baby gets more nutrients when she sleeps on that side?  Other than that I've been working out almost every day since I'm no longer active with school.

What helped with feeling sick? I have given the entire couch to Emily when she comes home from work.  I now share a kitchen chair with the cats. Trying to think of things that Emily might like to eat as meals.  Usually my first guess is "Bacon", which was always the correct guess before she became "heavy with child".  But now I'm guessing things like Potatoes? Fondue? Cheese Breadsticks? Soup? 

Are you showing? I hope not.  Unless I'm Junior!
Do you have any weird cravings? Just slushies 24/7 with my kick-ass Kangaroo Cup.

 In the announcement video, the little person was pink! Are you having a girl? We're having a Wookie.


Wes Hargrove said...

Wookies make the best infants.

Emily (The Culinary Couple) said...

I love that you're both writing weekly updates! Hopefully you can both keep it up -- my husband is feeling a bit worn out at week 36. But it's such a fun thing to look back on!