Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Gallery Wall

I think I said a few times how much I wanted to have a gallery wall some place in our apartment on this blog. I also have a Pinterest board devoted to cadres. And so, 15 months after moving into our first home, I have finished it! 

One of the best gallery wall how-tos I've read comes from HaselBride at Elizabeth Anne Designs, and I modified her process for our  wall. I have been collecting frames for about as long as we've been married, and I was finally happy with the number and size of each frame. 

The first thing I did was trace each frame on to newspaper. I made marks on each rectangle where the hook was so I could put a nail through the template and not have to worry about where the nail should go. Then, I got sidetracked by how many marks and nail holes were on the wall, so I repainted the entire wall and the trim. And the trim in the entry and on the wall to the guest bedroom. Aaron stopped me after I repainted the entry and told me to finish the project I set out to accomplish. 

Finally back to the task at hand, I cut each traced rectangle out and taped it to our wall. 

Aaron thought this was hilarious... (also please note the Facebook reading recommendation in the bottom right corner... 'a funny yet serious romp through menopausal madness,' you say?! Sign me up!)

I put nails through the marks on the newspaper and hung each frame up. I was so happy to see how well each frame fit. Three cheers for planning! 

We decided we liked the look, but not the sideways pictures, so, an email to Target and $3.97 later... voila! 

I am so glad to get one of my favorite paintings and some great pictures of us, our family, and our favorite places hung up in this home. I have room to add a few more frames and replace pictures of us, because though I like them, it seems strange to have that many pictures of only Aaron and me up in our living room. I'm also considering making the photos in the two largest frames full-size. 

So, how do you think it looks? Do you have a gallery wall in your home? 

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Allison Hasel said...

Emily, it looks great! Thanks for the link to my post. I'm glad my post could help you with the process!