Sunday, June 12, 2011

Late Night TV

So one of the many things I've had to get accustomed to in our marriage is the late night TV watching.

Emily is like a Brady Bunch kid and goes to bed sometimes as early as 8 and averages around 9:30. It's really hard for me to go to bed at that time so usually that's when I get work done or just take a break and watch some tv before going to bed.

This has been an issue ever since Emily and I got engaged. She was adamant about us not having a TV in the bedroom. And I completely understand that. We both look at the bedroom as a sanctuary that is separated from distractions.

That's why I thought it was funny when Emily mentioned that she wished we had one tonight. I'm watching the NBA Finals tonight and she just wants me to come to bed even if I'm watching the game.

Both sets of our parents have TV's in their bedrooms so I always grew up knowing that my parents would sometimes watch some news or late night comedy before going to bed.

I wish I could watch some late night comedy such as Conan (only if we had TBS), or Jimmy Fallon but it just so happens we live in Eastern time now which is bogus. That's just one reason we both love Central time zone.

Anyway, maybe we'll consider getting a tv in our bedroom wherever we move to. It's something I always enjoy doing when we stay in hotels. Mostly because my dad would always watch TV in hotel rooms growing up and I loved staying up late watching TV with him.

But who knows, maybe it's a good thing we don't have that so that we can get some good sleep rather than always watching tv while in bed.

The Mavs are about to win!!!!! Dirk is the man.

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