Thursday, May 5, 2011

Atlanta Getaway

So, ladies and gents(?), guess what? Primary filming for thesis is over. Aaron and I can breathe a sigh of relief, eat dinner together, and have a conversation that's not "What time will you be home?" "Probably really late" via text messaging. I love it.


This week is Aaron's week off. No school, no meetings, no sets, no nothing. Boy, does he deserve it. And since we weren't able to go to Hilton Head Island and visit his mom and dad last week, we decided to take a weekend trip to Atlanta (which I debated in this post). I'm not going to sugar-coat this—it was a fun weekend, but it wasn't a relaxing one. We left for Atlanta on Saturday morning and made very good time. We went to lunch at Taqueria del Sol, where I had a fish taco + shrimp and corn choweder and Mr. Nix had chicken tacos and queso. We wandered around the Westside Provisions District, . which is just so fantastic. We mostly window shopped—I could have bought just about everything I saw at Star Provisions and Seed Factory (and I don't even have kids)! And Bungalow Classic was full of ideas for wonderful living spaces. So much fun. Afterward we checked in to our hotel and tried to come up with a tentative plan for the rest of the evening.

Aaron was disappointed that he didn't get to see Hanna while it was showing in town, so I conceded and we went to Phipps Plaza to see a movie. The bummer about this? We weren't able to enjoy a nice dinner together. My co-workers gave me a dozen recommendations of the best places to dine, and I was disappointed that the only night we were in ATL we weren't able to try any of them out because we had to go to this movie. I oscillated between being mopey (and yes, a brat) and trying to see Aaron's point of view, but honestly, I am was really looking forward to a fancy, delicious, romantic dinner. A bucket of popcorn and a Coke does not fall in to that category. But that's what I got, and the movie was actually really enjoyable. I know there were probably a billion ways to avoid the fiasco that was supposed to be our big night out, but I failed at every single one of them, and that's real life.

Sunday morning we woke up. (Best sentence ever?)

The Flying Biscuit came highly recommended, so we drove to Piedmont Ave. and waited for a table. We walked up and down several blocks while waiting for our table. I had to stop and smell all of the peonies and magnolias blooming, of course. And the dogs! Everyone had dogs. Little dogs, big dogs, mutts, pretty purebreeds. I love that sense of liveability in a city.


Afterward we drove to Turner Field and bought student tickets. I have been to only one MLB game before, also with Aaron, and I was semi-excited to go. Aaron grew up as a Braves fan, and he wants me to be one, too, so he bought me a kids T-shirt to wear for the game. It ended up being pretty fun; the best part was the usher in our section. He had the raddest moves—instead of doing a single "chop," this guy used his whole body and both arms and was practically throwing himself around the stairs. We called his dance the "double chop." He would also do this crazy run-in-place dance, which I really thought might give him a heart attack. He was awesome and my favorite part of the game. The Braves beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-5. Winning!


On our way home we stopped to pick up a quick dinner at Wendy's. I love their baked potatoes. As we paid the cashier, he said "see you tomorrow!" really enthusiastically.  Aaron just sat there, thinking of the correct response, saying nothing. We ended up speeding away. 

And that was our getaway. 

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