Friday, April 29, 2011

This weekend is yet to be determined, but I have high hopes it will be a great one.

1. This weekend we're supposed to go to Atlanta for a little R&R. Well, originally, we were supposed to go to Hilton Head yesterday, but Film School always wins and so that plan was nixed (hee haw). Somehow the thought of driving six hours there and six hours back doesn't seem so relaxing anymore. I am going to see if maybe we can hold off on Atlanta and do go somewhere else. Involving a beach. And adult beverages. A girl can dream, right?

2. I've been reusing the same Perrier bottle to drink water at work. It looks like I'm carrying around a wine bottle and drinking from it at meetings. I should just get a Tervis Tumbler. I wanted a Nebraska one, but I hate hate hate the N they use. Now I'm considering a monogrammed one. I also sort of wish I had taken my maiden name as my middle name, but I didn't. That's another story.

3. Aaron has been home from set for two days. We went to the wrap party last night and it was confirmed that the boy needs a haircut like whoa. I still find him dashing, though.

4. I want to paint my toe nails like this:

5. Is it true that AT&T is jamming the signal for all iPhone 3/3G users in preparation for the new OS coming out this summer? Because my old phone is going sloooow.

6. Aaron has all next week off!

7. My sister is running a half marathon this weekend! She's so cool. I wish I could be like her.

8. How delicious does this look? It's my culinary project for this weekend. Aaron loves key lime pie like it's no one's business, and I think I'll surprise him with these.

9. I adore Duchess Catherine(!)'s dress. So lovely, classic, and sophisticated.

9.5. I am hoping my favorite-ever girl's name doesn't explode in popularity, though I think it will on account of the Royal Wedding, or at least the diminutive of the name.

Have a good weekend, people!


Legally Married said...

I was wondering about whether Kate and Pippa will get extra-popular - seems like if Sophie and Isabella did based on movies, that it could definitely happen with the duchess and co.

I LOVE the name Catherine, but I can never name my daughter that because then her nickname and last name will rhyme. :-/

Katie said...

I hope Catherine doesn't explode again. There's already enough Kates and Katies in the world.

The Wee Lass said...

Hi Emily!

Just stumbled upon your blog and I love :)

I love that cute toe polish effect. My friends SWEAR by the Sally Hansen nail sticker things -- they look just like polish and apparently stay on for about two weeks!

The Frock Star one is glittery like the one in your pic.