Monday, April 11, 2011

A year or so of daily life: March 28- April 11, 2011

In August, I began the Photo 365 challenge - a photo a day for a full year. I've decided to call mine "A year or so of daily life: Chronicling our life in Tallahassee and the latter half of graduate school one day at a time." I hope you enjoy a sampling of our daily life!

I hope you're ready for a lot of pictures. I haven't uploaded in a long time! I can't believe we're almost to the middle of April already. The time, it flies. 

Mon., March 28: Who doesn't love a good margarita? 

Tues., March 29: OK, so, this is a little gauche, but I had to take a picture of my haircut. It's still doing what I want it to, and it still looks cute! Narcissism over. 

Wed., March 30: Aaron is usually home from set on Wednesday nights, and so on his one night off I try to cook something different (plus it's a part of my resolved in 2011 list). Tonight I tried my hand at Greek food. 

Thurs., March 31: It looks like Chipotle is the place to be if you're a biker cop. I counted 14 motorcycle cops and 2 police cruisers in the parking lot at lunch! 

Fri., April 1: A disappointing dinner at Chez PIerre, but at least we had nice glasses of wine at the Wine Loft. 

Sat., April 2: Supper with family at Jonah's Fish and Grits and late-night wine and cheese. 

Sun., April 3: My phone corrects "meowing" to "Beowulf," confusing Aaron and making me laugh a lot. 

Mon., April 4: no pic

Tues., April 5: My fave lunch- eggs and a salad with a little freshly grated parmesan. 

Wed., April 6: Night off = date night at Peppers. 

Thurs., April 7: On campus for a photo shoot, and we ended up by the Film School. It never ends. ;) 

Fri., April 8: Favorite big oak tree with Spanish moss on campus. The Spanish moss is so indicative of this area, and its haunting beauty is something I love about Tallahassee. 

Sat., April 9: The great voicefail of 2011

Sun., April 10: Toby watching the Masters tournament. Since Aaron was on set, old Toad had to watch some golf. Watching this made me consider potentially checking out a golf clinic offered by the university's instructors. 
Sun April 10

Mon., April 11: An evening walk through the neighborhood. It's already 90 degrees, and I'm allergic to everything floating in the air, but it's nice to see these pretty little roses popping up everywhere. 
Mon April 11


rob and tiff said...

glad to see arod still has his cornbelt tee. i think i "borrowed" this same shirt for part of my life. i love all your pics, such a great idea.

rob and tiff said...

also, i think your hair is super cute.