Monday, April 4, 2011

Resolved: April 2011

and now, Resolved: April 2011:

First, the accomplished:
  • learn how to use my sewing machine. sew a pleated ruffle. make a table cloth. make pillows. maybe a bedskirt? 
  • paint the headboard in our bedroom or replace it. paint the kitchen cart. if the alamo sells, rejoice. if it doesn't sell, finish painting it.
  • cook a new recipe each week. bake. meal plan. (so far, so good). This month: Pasta ai Quattro Formaggi, Greek chicken, and others I can't remember. I need to be better about writing these down. 
  • read booksThis is Your Brain in Love and Black Heels to Tractor Wheels in March.
  • travel and explore. Bald Point State Park. Need I say more? 
  • get a coffee table (or similar) that I love. Done.
  • study the Bible with more frequency. I did better in March. I read all of Matthew and Psalms and am reading Jesus Calling each morning. Really enjoying the latter. 
  • make sure we survive thesis. oh em gee. aaand exhale.

In progress:
  • lose the lbs. and wear the polka-dot bikini. Major slackage around thesis filming week and definitely during editing week. Sigh. 
  • simplify, simplify, simplify. 
  • write letters to my grandparents. I need to do a better job of this. This could also go under the fail label. 
  • don't buy things that i don't really love and really need. edit, edit, edit what I do have. get rid of what i have and don't love.
  • be patient with aaron. praise him out loud. laugh at the silly things he does out loud.
  • appreciate beauty, and make a point to talk about it.
  • celebrate being young and untethered. also, this month, poor. thanks a lot, Thesis film. 
  • keep a journal of daily activities so I can track my progress. I started this but I didn't keep it up. No good excuse.
  • follow-through on my goal to lose 10 lbs. If this takes the form of fitting into smaller pants size and not necessarily losing the weight, I'll be just as happy. In the month I lost about 3 pounds total. Not good at all. I need to ramp it up in April. 
  • Finish the gallery wall. I put frames up, but I took them down again because I just didn't like how they looked. I'm thinking I might do something different than the white frames I have. We'll see. 

Not this month:
  • visit at least one of the states on my list. 
  • find a church.
  • have friends over to our apartment.
  • learn how to use a camera and buy a dSLR. 
  • go on a proper vacation, even if it's only for one day. 
  • start that thing.
  • hang up my clothes every day when I get home from work instead of putting them on the chair.

I am too tired to write down my April goals, but I promise to do so before this weekend and link back up. 

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