Monday, January 31, 2011


  • learn how to use my sewing machine. sew a pleated ruffle. make a table cloth. make pillows. maybe a bedskirt? 
  • lose the lbs. and wear the polka-dot bikini.
  • paint the headboard in our bedroom or replace it. paint the kitchen cart. if the alamo sells, rejoice. if it doesn't sell, finish painting it. (seriously).
  • visit at least one of the states on my list. 
  • simplify, simplify, simplify.
  • cook a new recipe each week. bake. meal plan. (so far, so good).
  • send birthday cards to arrive early.
  • write letters to my grandparents.
  • don't buy things that i don't really love and really need. edit, edit, edit what I do have. get rid of what i have and don't love.
  • read books.
  • find a church.
  • have friends over to our apartment.
  • be patient with aaron. praise him out loud. laugh at the silly things he does out loud.
  • appreciate beauty, and make a point to talk about it.
  • learn how to use a camera and buy a dSLR. 
  • travel and explore.
  • celebrate being young and untethered. 
  • get a coffee table (or similar) that I love.
  • go on a proper vacation, even if it's only for one day. 


Chelsea Anne said...

sounds like a great list! I would love to see the product of some of these (camera, cooking, etc.)
: )

Tia Peterson said...

If you come to MN you can cross a state off your list (WI) and take a proper vacation. Two birds, one happy Tia.

rob and tiff said...