Sunday, February 6, 2011

Full circle, like the ring on my finger.

Tonight, while driving home from an awesome girls' weekend with my sisters- and mother-in-law in Chattanooga, Tenn., I saw the most amazing melon and orange sunset. I have a thing for sunsets on February 6ths.

Here's why: Our proposal story. Take a look :)

On the six-hour drive home I found a mix Aaron made for me for my 21st birthday. I was terribly homesick, living alone on Cape Cod, working strange hours and learning how to be away from everything I loved. I played that CD every day for two months, and as I listened to it tonight I smiled as I anticipated the notes of every next song. The Jayhawks' All the Right Reasons started playing, which was our first dance at our wedding reception, and a winsome feeling overtook me. I chose that song to be our first dance song because it made me cry every time I listened to it without Aaron when I was on Cape. Now we're married, living in a new place, creating a new chapter and solving the intricacies of our life together. 

I looked out at that sunset and gave thanks out loud. It was a full-circle moment.

It may be silly to celebrate all of these things, but I don't care. I never want a day to come when I look back and wish I had remembered and celebrated out loud the amazing blessings in my life. There is too much good in life, and such a short time to live it, that I think we all should celebrate with each other in our joys both big and small. 

I promise an update on the awesome weekend soon, but first I need to unpack, do some laundry, etc. And give my sweet husband a kiss when he gets home from set. It's Super Bowl Sunday, but I don't feel like going out and watching the game. Sometimes not having cable is nice... 

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