Monday, February 14, 2011

Girls' weekend in Chattanooga

Two weekends ago I joined my sisters- and mother-in-law in Chattanooga for a girls' weekend. My lovely sis-in-law Shannon recently moved there, and she invited us to see her new home. It was a cold, rainy weekend, but we had such a great time.

The drive through Georgia to Chattanooga was awful, and took about two hours longer than anticipated because of rain and traffic. Thankfully, I got a great lunch recommendation: Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta. It was absolutely divine, and the perfect way to refocus after an awful five hours of white-knuckle driving in a downpour.

The first evening in Chattanooga we went to Sophie's Shoppe, which had adorable home goods and cupcakes. I could have purchased so much there, but I was good and didn't even have a cupcake. That night we had dinner at Alleia. This is such a beautiful restaurant! The design is a feast in itself, and the food is excellent as well.

The next morning Tiffany, baby Imy, Shannon, Karen and I had brunch at The Blue Plate right on the Tennessee River.  (Imogen's not pictured because she was taking a nap!)

That day we went all around Chattanooga, exploring fun shops and Signal and Lookout mountains. Sidenote: at one point we were driving through the Red Bank area of Chattanooga and we were commenting on the local shops and haunts when we happened to pass a Wal-Mart, at which point Karen said "Wherever I go, Wal-Mart never lets me down." Quote of the trip.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner and walked around the grounds of the Hunter Museum. The views were spectacular, but it was cold. We also got to meet my sister-in-law Tiffany's friend Danielle, who lives in Nashville and met us for dinner.

The trip was short but sweet. I loved getting to see the town, and it was great to see my husband's mom and sisters. I'm lucky I can have such a great time with them! :) A special thanks to my fantastic sis-in-law Shannon for hosting us in her beautiful home. I'm still in love with her rooftop deck with third floor views of the city and the mountain!

The moral of the story is: Chattanooga is a really fun, clean, neat little city. Not terribly busy, but it seemed very active with lots of things to do outdoors. I was really impressed with the way the city seems to take pride in itself, and there seemed to be a lot of local establishments doing well. I also loved the mix of architectural periods and how well they mixed throughout the city. It was a lovely mix of old and new. I want to go back to visit with Aaron sometime this spring; I know he'd love the city as much as I did!

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