Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Extravaganza

This may be one of the only blogs I do for the next few months.

This weekend has been jam packed with madness, fun, stress, and love.

I'll just get the uninteresting junk out of the way first. Currently I'm in pre-pro for my friend's thesis film on which I'm the Director of Photography for. I'm a little nervous going into this show simply because not everything is planned quite yet. We just locked all of our locations yesterday. I'm excited because I worked with Jamie on his D2 project as his DP and it was one of the best experiences of my film school career. I'm hoping this film has similar results.

It's a story about a ballerina getting ready for an audition into a company. In the words of the director "Think Billy Elliot in terms of story but Benjamin Button in terms of tone." Love it.

As I've been preparing for his film I've also been trying to cast my movie which films next month. It's tough for me dealing with several actors in LA because of the cost and lack of one on one time but I'm confident I'm going to get some solid actors.

But the fun part of this weekend was spending a lot of overdue time with my wife. We had a great trip to Thomasville on Saturday where we got each other Valentine's gifts. I've been dancing to mine ever since.

On Sunday we made a impromptu trip to Orlando to see my film at the Love Your Shorts Film Festival. This was the first time seeing my film outside of the school or home setting so it was a lot of fun seeing how the crowd reacted. It was a smaller festival but the people there were really passionate about all the films screened. It was refreshing. After that we had an early Valentine's day dinner at Cheesecake Factory and had desert (chocolate bars) at IKEA. Emily was in heaven :)

Back to the grind, but no matter how busy I get I always have to keep telling myself "You're making movies." And everything is ok.

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