Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing Kitten.

It was not a good day for us at the animal shelter. The little orange kitten was sleeping in Aaron's arms and supposed to come home and be a playmate for Olive. But he had a respiratory virus. He was sick, and we can't let Olive get sick, too. I was and am very upset about it all – we had all of his forms signed and he was ours when the man at the front desk said "and we need to inform you about a health condition he has..." and then he told us that the kitten had this contagious sickness. 

I still love that little kitten. I wish he was better so he could come to our home.

He is a boy kitten who we were going to get neutered Tuesday (we had already scheduled the appointment). Looking back, I was a little nervous that a boy kitten and girl kitten wouldn't get along. I don't want Livy to stop being the sweet cat she is if we get a new cat, but I also want her to have a kitty friend to play with. I just feel sad about it all. 

This is the kitten. The shelter named him Bruce, but we would have renamed him. We didn't have a name yet. I guess that was a good thing.


mspennylane said...

Oh no! JD and I went through scenarios like this a couple times. Do they know when he'll be well so you can take him home?

And don't worry about boy and girl cats together. They think it's actually better than two girl cats, since the girls might think that they're competition for each other.

Good luck from one cat lover to another.

Emily said...

Thank you, Heather! I posted a new post that answers some of your questions.