Monday, September 13, 2010

An update on the pumpkin kitty


Because several people have asked what's next in regards to the pumpkin kitty, I thought I'd share what we are going to do/doing.

Pumpkin kitty has an upper respiratory virus, which is contagious to (some) other cats. Olive has her shots, so she should be immune to this; however, if she is not, we do not want to deal with introducing a sick new kitten to her and then treating both of them. We are not sure if Pumpkin Kitty has passed the ten-day quarantine period after being on his treatments or not, and the animal shelter could not have been less helpful in this regard. The person we spoke with said the ten day mark could have began the day the initial "health disclosure" was filed or it could have been one week through the process or even later.

After speaking with several people who have dealt with the situation and our vet, we feel it would be OK to bring Pumpkin Kitty home. There is at least a two-day waiting period from the time you sign the adoption agreement to the time you can pick up the kitten, and we feel this is plenty of time for kitty to get well.

However, what throws a wrench into these plans is the family who followed us into the "cat nursery" yesterday and waited for us to finish playing with Pumpkin Kitty. The mother told me, as we walked out to begin the paperwork, "If you don't adopt him, we are going to," which was very awkward... fair warning, I guess? It made me upset.

To my knowledge, this family didn't adopt PK because he was listed on the animal shelter's website last night after the shelter closed. His listing is here (please don't go adopt him if you live in Tally!). The shelter is closed on Mondays, so we are waiting through the day.

My hope for tomorrow is that Aaron will be able to go to the shelter tomorrow morning when they open and see if PK is still there. If he is, I want to adopt him. If he is not, then we will go from there.

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