Sunday, September 12, 2010

on a quick trip through Target

I've been looking forward to John Derian's line for Target for a while now. I picked up the silhouette coasters (top left) on a recent trip to Target, and I wish I had seen the journals and the Phrenology tray at our local store because I think they are so fun! They allude to me a Southern Gothic style, which you may know is my absolute favorite genre of lit (if I pursue my doctorate in English I'll hope to specialize in American lit of this fame). This may or may not be an apt comparison, but that's what it says to me.

In other Target-related news, I haven't seen the Tucker for Target line at either Tally store, which was supposed to roll out today, but from what I've seen via the web I am not too interested. Of everything online, I liked these dresses the best. I'll be interested to see how this line looks in real life if/when it makes its way to town, but for now. So, for now, John Derian has a win and a "meh" for Tucker for Target, at least until I can see the line in person.
Have you found any treasures at Target lately?

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