Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

from the mountains

{rocky mountain nat'l park- october 2009}

{rafting down the colorado near buena vista, colo. - july 2008}

{honeymoon in vail, colo. - december 2009}

to the prairies

{dancing down dirt roads near osmond, neb. - may 2009}

{corn fields and power lines near osmond, neb. - may 2009}

to the oceans white with foam

{on cape cod bay - june 2009}

{santa monica, calif. - april 2009}

{coville's beach, cape cod, mass. - august 2009}

Happy Fourth of July, friends! I am enjoying the day relaxing by the pool (if the sun ever comes out!) and cleaning up around our house; Aaron is on set in "Sudan," or the clay pits of South Georgia, so we will be postponing our celebration until tomorrow when he finishes D2 cycle!

{buttermilk pancakes at Keltic Kitchen in West Yarmouthport, Cape Cod, Mass. - July 2009}

{husband as Patriotman in his college dorm room - january or february 2009}

{more patriotman - january 2009}

{on the lake at the anderson family reunion, detroit lakes, minn. - july 2008}

{patriotman's newest accomplice, americat - july 4, 2010}

{nix clan WT'ing it up on our way to colorado - june/july 2008}

{emily, patriotman and americat - july 4, 2010}

{birthday present - june 21, 2010!}

Thinking of our family and friends this weekend across these beautiful lands. We love you and wish we were closer. May today be a reminder of the gifts we've been given and a celebration of these gifts, and in the midst of our celebration, for all who believe, a remembrance of our allegiance to the one True King and Kingdom.
"In him [Christ] and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence." - Eph. 3:12.


Chelsea said...

by the way im a horrible friend.... i was in puerto rico during your birthday and probably underwater or keeping students in line so im sorry I didn't send you a message! Happy way belated birthday though I love you!

Jillian Anderson said...

i like your hair in the picture with aaron as patriotman holding the flag. AND YUH FOR AMERICA PIN POINTER!!!