Saturday, May 8, 2010

I like Aaron, I like Olive, I like my family and his family (our family), I like rain drops falling on my head after a fun sunny afternoon at the pool. I like Arnold Palmer half-and-half. I like turquoise and I like thinking about the beach. I like planning our dreams and I like saving all of our quarters to make those dreams come true (God willing). I like living and I like pearls. I like ice cream. I like happiness and sharing and true wealth. I like having a car that works and I like having a home. I like having a popcorn machine in my home because it's delicious to have fresh-popped good stuff. I like Luz and Anderson a lot. I like thinking about how we're young and we've got so much life left to live (God willing, again). I like thinking about my childhood and I like thinking about my childrens' childhood. I like the smells of honeysuckle, freesia, gardenia and magnolia. I like that I can open my porch door and smell all of those things. I like pretty, clean style and white linens and black kittens. I like beards on my husband. I like penmanship and paper and journals and wishing that I could go to the beach soon, soon, soon. I like being outside. I like blisters because they show you've been places. I like tents and sangria and eschatology and maps. I like being a follower of Jesus. I like learning things and I like growing and I like back scratches.

I like my life.

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