Friday, May 7, 2010

Our new babies

Meet Luz and Anderson!

Through one of my favorite blogs, Jesus Needs New PR, I found out that Matthew (the author) and Jessica, his wife, were going to be blogging in Dominican Republic on behalf of World Vision. I have been following their journey about their trip and learning about their partnership with Lisa Leonard, too, and I've been praying about where we should be giving our first fruits. Today we made a decision. Aaron and I agreed that the best way we can honor God with the gifts we've been given at this time is through sponsoring a child through World Vision, and I am happy to say that today we began a journey with Luz and Anderson. Luz and I will celebrate our birthdays together for as long as we sponsor her; something I'm excited to write and tell her about. Anderson is special to me because as I was talking to God, scrolling through the pictures, having a very difficult time deciding which child we were going to sponsor and not feeling like what we are financially able to do is enough, I saw "Anderson" pop up on the screen. "Anderson" is also my maiden name, and I felt peace rush over me. I know I can't sponsor every single child (boy, do I want to), but in this moment, I feel like God was telling me to be still. Nothing I can ever do will be enough. I can't boast about my own power; it is limited by geography, intelligence, money and so many other things. But I can boast about the power of Christ, and that boasting comes by way of a four year old named Luz and a five year old named Anderson. I pray that their little lives can be enriched because of the gifts entrusted to Aaron and I. So that's my happy news for today!

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rob and tiff said...

congratulations! it will be such a special journey.