Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finishing out the Fifty

Since I started work, I've been thinking a lot about visiting the last of the 50 states in the union. I have set a goal to see all 50 by the time I'm 25. Fortunately, most of the states I've got left are sort of clumped together, so going to one area can knock off a bunch.

in the northeast-
New Hampshire

in the northwest-

not in the northeast or northwest-

So I have eight states left. And about three and a half years. Aaron's never been to Montana, Idaho, or any of my northwest states, so I think it'd be great to plan an extensive trip and get out there and cover that entire side of the country. His goals aren't as lofty as mine, though, so taking a trip out to Portland and then traveling up to Washington and Alaska is something we've talked about doing in the next year and a half. We'll see.

I know they run specials on Las Vegas all the time, so I think that might be our way to seeing Nevada. Either that or one of my best friends who are getting married in 2010 should have their bachelorette parties there ;)

Wisconsin is a stone's throw from where Tia lives. Time kept going last semester, so I didn't make it to her home in Minnesota, which was going to be the way I got to Wisconsin. I'm still hoping I can make that trip happen over a long weekend or something.

The most difficult chunk of the states is going to be the northeastern portion, simply because it's the least accessible and also the area I know the least about. It will probably be the very last area of the map that's crossed off.

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Tia Peterson said...

If you get to knock off one more state AND I get to see you, I'd say it's a win-win. Come this summer during Lumberjack Days and then the hubs can have some fun too :)