Monday, January 18, 2010

So, we are involved in this program called Financial Peace University. As newlyweds, we find it extremely helpful, encouraging and powerful. As a twenty-something female with the desire to sometimes buy new things, I find it quite inconvenient.

Today Aaron looked at my ipod and said "You should sell that." I asked him why, and he said I didn't really use or need the ipod, and that we could use the extra money. I asked him whether we could use the money or if we actually needed the money... because let's face it, it's my ipod! And Daddy Warbucks can't just decide that all of our stuff could be sold for some extra cash! I'm afraid I will come home one day and everything but the TV, Wii and PS3 will be gone...le sigh.

Seriously, I recommend Dave Ramsey's program. We have just started it, so I will add more details, reviews, thoughts, etc. as we continue.


Bo said...

We have done the program at the church several times and though it is long, people seem to get a lot out of it. Outside of the that, the ipod is music ... and music is life!

Aaron Nix said...

There are multiple ipods in the household.

Emily said...

For the sake of transparency, we have four, technically. 2 real ipods and 2 iphones, which are essentially our ipods.