Thursday, December 3, 2009

so necessary.

So, this will be my third post of the night. I'll make this one wedding-centric. I don't have my Spanish class tomorrow morning, so I am taking time I would be studying and instead blogging. Oh yeahhhh.
  • We're going to have awesome cakes. Think Lumberjack Club for Aaron's groom's cake.
  • I am so excited about our wedding photographer.
  • I am getting my shoes tomorrow!
  • If it is warm, our ceremony will be outside. If it is cold, our ceremony will be inside. This makes technical decisions like flowers, aisle runners, etc. very difficult. I still hope the wedding is outside.
  • Our meeting last weekend with our pastor was really fun. We went over a lot of the answers to the inventories we took. Yes, I was in heaven. I need to look into a job where that's all I do. Anyone have suggestions?
  • We are getting wedding gifts. This is crazy. Like x1000. I'm so thankful for the people who are giving their time and energy to honor us on this most important day in our lives. And I am vowing to not check our registries any more until the wedding. We'll see how that goes :)
  • I am really excited to dance at our wedding, and I hope a lot of our friends and family dance at the wedding. I would LOVE to see several generations across the dance floor. I am excited for our DJ, too.
  • Flowers are a tough thing for me right now. Flowers are my favorite thing ever. But I am having such a tough time justifying whether it's worth the [insane] costs. But my mom continually shares her wisdom and great ideas with me (see previous post) and I am really thankful she is helping me.
  • I got to see my wedding dress, my mom's dress, and my sister's bridesmaid dress hanging on hangers next to each other when I was home last weekend. It made me insanely happy.
  • I've been throwing around putting together a profile for Wedding Bee. Jamanda, you are probably the only person who will appreciate this bullet point :)
  • Finally, something I have neglected to post: my bridesmaid and best friend Laura and musician at my and Aaron's wedding Wes are engaged. After lots of years and love and learning and growing pains. I am so happy for Wes and Laura, as they've been my friends since long before any of us thought about weddings. And they are a blessing in my life. I can't wait to celebrate their day. And oh. my. gosh. Wes' proposal. Holy mocha, people. It was fabulous. and i wasn't even there. I just saw the pictures. LOVE THEM.

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jamanda said...

I appreciate it. Do it. Why not? You already have the perfect names Mr. and Mrs. Crunch. I mean really, what else would it be?