Friday, December 4, 2009

now i lay me's

Jillian, Mom, Dad and I would say our "now I lay me's" every night before we went to sleep when we (Jillian and I) were younger. I figure it's a good way to end tonight, too.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Guide me safely through the night
Wake me with the morning light

(and then, if you're me:)
God bless Daddy, Mommy, Emmy, Jilly, Jeb, Dharma and Grace. Of course, we had to subsitute out pets names as they died. We went through Twinkle (first cat), Jeb (first and best dog), Jack, Dharma, Grace, Oliver, Henry, Sullivan, Thatcher, and Millie and Gus (the new dog.) Henry, Millz and Gus are still alive. The rest of them (all but Jeb) are cats. Yeah.
Now I add my family and friends and Aaron, but most nights, before I go to bed, I still pray for the regular four and Jeb, Twinkle, Dharma and Grace before remembering that the pets are long gone.

So yeah. This wraps up a night of blogging. I hope you all rest well and sleep peacefully in the peace of a cold December night.

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