Thursday, December 3, 2009

another post about mom

My mom is my hero. So cliche, but I mean it. She is so wonderful, and helpful, and does a better job at most things than three people could. Sometimes I worry I'm stressing her out and burdening her with all this wedding stuff. In fact, it's one of my biggest fears that the wedding will just pass before all of us and my mom, who put so much into it, won't get to enjoy it the way I want her to.

But you know what? If/when she reads this, she'll say to stop worrying. She's just like that. But I probably won't until Sunday morning, December 20, when our little family of four goes to church for the last time on a Sunday morning as a family of four.

Worry, worry, I shouldn't. I guess all I'm really saying this for is to say how much I love my Mom and how thankful I am that she and my Dad are giving Aaron and I the beginning of our marriage and not asking anything in return except for us to enjoy it. It's funny since Dad is all football since this August, she's doing it all by herself. I know it will be wonderful, because it's a gift from her.

I hope one day I can give her a gift that shows how much I appreciate her and everything she's done for me over the past 21 years.

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lvillegas said...

Yay for mom's they're the best!
and don't worry, she'll enjoy it :)