Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy birthday, Aaron!

23 reasons I think you’re worth celebrating.
I’m getting married to you (does that sound like I’m celebrating you because you’re connected with me? That’s not how I meant it.) You love America, in a really strange way that compels you to buy stars-and-stripes karate suits at flea markets and make movies about Nazi sheep. You love Ebony, Ivory, Melody, Lily (and soon to be Izzie/y) a whole lot, and I think that is cute. You are best friends with Henny Penny. You aren’t afraid to be the loner if you really believe in something. You work hard to make the most of your time, money and relationships. You always know when I’m chewing strawberry flavored gum because you hate it. You continue to let me chew strawberry flavored gum, even though you hate it. Your favorite thing to do is go to Taco Bell on 27th Street and then cross the street and go to Taco John’s. You hold my hand when we pray. When you get mad at me, you call me “grunch,” and I think that’s hilarious, because even when you’re mad you can’t help but use sweet names. You help me update software on my computer. You like to tell me lies about when your birthday is so I write blog posts on the wrong day and your sister has to correct me (thanks, Tiff!) You go to the ends of the earth to make me happy (and Texas on your very short breaks). You insist that your son be named John (despite the fact that we’re 5 years from even THINKING about that). You ask me to choose a movie to watch, and when I choose, you ultimately revoke my choice. You like ONLY really crunchy French fries. You get Dr. Pepper when we split a drink because you know I love it. 19 You have an unhealthy love for popcorn. You are my husker boyfriend. You’re sentimental. You like to drive around town and look at Christmas lights and nativities with me. You have a quiet, gentle heart and a loving soul.

You’re my heart. I love you,


jamanda said...

Nate gets Dr. Pepper drinks because he knows I love it too. I think that's the best.

Happy Birthday Mr. Nix. : D

rob and tiff said...

i think he would like strawberry, if he gave it a chance. he's totally missing out. oh and be prepared for john, john and johnny, it's destined. but i do love the loner in him.

Emily said...

he hates strawberries no matter what, even if he doesn't explicitly KNOW it's strawberry...he knows... and calls me strawberry breath all the time.