Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DJNF boot camp- Day 3

Our group just returned from dinner with the interns, staff and visiting editors. We enjoyed great food at The Tavern, but even more, we got to sit down, relax and learn from these great mentors in a casual environment. The structure of the day is great for drills and lectures, but the perspectives change to "forest, not tree" conversation in the evenings. I appreciate learning the many life lessons these journalistic giants are willing to tell. 

Retired senior editor of The New York Times Bill Connolly said to carry everything you learn from your books, travels, interviews-all life experiences- and apply them as a journalist. "Never forget anything." I hope this blog will help me when I do forget, wherever I go. {yes, I sat across the table from Bill Connolly!}

Tonight the homework assignment is a newspaper, an essay and Edith Wharton's House of Mirth. Also, I found fun shoes at a local shop for a good price. The rain was a great finish to a lovely day.

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Laura said...

When you have a semi-permanent address, post it. Perhaps you'll receive an awesome gift from your bf from Anthropologie ;)