Tuesday, April 21, 2009

saving dates

Eight months from today I will have celebrated one day as Emily Anderson Nix. I can't tell you how happy I am that we're making progress on wedding plans. In the month I haven't blogged, planning has gone from absolutely nothing to we're-almost-completely-set on the big things.

The funny thing about December is it's our only option for two years. Either December of 2009 or December of 2010 because of A's grad school schedule. December is also 1. his birthday on the 13th and 2. Christmas, so sandwiching an anniversary on the 20th will make for an expensive but festive twelfth month. 

Also, on a slightly less exciting note, today is the third day this cold has been beating me. Driving home from my parent's home in Texas on Sunday, I started to feel pretty bad, and by that evening, I was sneezing, coughing, and generally achy. The last two days have continued in that pattern, and I've sounded like a man. Not good when you're presenting a semester's worth of work, but fortunately, my presentation was postponed until Thursday.

Hope you're all at peace in this Easter season. 

Here's something that makes me happy. Two things, actually... (sigh, I'm such a dork)


Chelsea said...

I like that pic- very artistic. and I get it around the "A" lol. : )

rob and tiff said...

yeah! you set the date!

to be honest, i didn't like the idea of having my anniversary two days from my birthday, but i look forward to it now. i know it's always been hard for him to have his birthday close to Christmas, but it'll be ok.

(it's the 3rd!)

Emily Anderson said...

you know, i knew that. ahahahahahah. i have never been able to remember is birthday because he always told me it was a different day than it was, so now I engrained that date (the wrong one!)....