Friday, December 7, 2012

O, Tannenbaum

To the sounds of Nat King Cole, we lit our tree last night. I was hoping to see wonder in Shepherd's eyes as he watched the lights go up, but he was much more interested in the metal tin "drum" in the tree lights box than the lights themselves. Little drummer boy was happy as a clam to bang on the tin for almost an hour.

Aaron had an odd craving last night, so we ordered and ate breakfast pizza as we lit the tree. As we took pictures of our little guy and his first Christmas tree, my heart swelled. In the past, we might have had the tree up, lit, and decorated in one night, but this year we have spaced it out over two days so far, and we still have to put our ornaments on. Slowing down to decorate is nice, but I am certainly happy to be almost done. My Christmas Village is up, too.

One last (and important) detail is the stocking situation. My mom made Aaron and me stockings, but there's no more fabric and I want to switch things up a bit. I'm going to put the old stockings in Shepherd's room, but as for finding new ones,  I'm not sure if I should make them myself or look for some I like and buy them. Any recommendations? I like the Fair Isle look and want to stay primarily red and green or neutral, maybe burlap or similar?

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Julia said...

How exciting for little Shepherd as he celebrates his first Christmas!