Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

I have been thinking about how I mark my days. The last week has been a frenzy, and I've had to ask someone every day what the date was. I never used to wonder; I had clocks, calendars, planners, an iPhone, and emails watching me, reminding me how to mark my work for the day.

All of a sudden, life has changed for me. My days get confused. My work for the day is marked by tallying unpacked boxes, trips to the dumpster, how many naps my baby boy takes and how log each of them last. What is accomplished is noticeable in a different way.

I am relearning how to be accountable for the time I am given each day. There's no boss to chastise me if something doesn't get accomplished, but I am feeling a greater connection to the responsibility of what I do with my hours. It's less rote in some ways than my old job, but more rote in others, because we have less flexibility in Shepherd's schedule than I had at my desk.

Overall, this season, as short as it has been, has been a reset button for me. I am thankful that prayers have been answered, and that we have unexpectedly been blessed in so many ways by our savior through the love of others. I have to keep coming back to that when I get frustrated with our old house or what I can't do alone. We have been taken care of, and we always will be given exactly what we need.

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