Friday, August 3, 2012

Plans for Early August

I felt like I lost a part of myself in the madness of newlywed life and then new baby life. I used to read all the time, and I want to resurrect that. I've become active on Goodreads again, and I hope that keeping a list of what I want to read next will help me stay on track. Currently reading (in this order) The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb (recommended by Susan, who also recommended Alice I Have Been, which I adored); French Kids Eat Everything; and Nurtureshock.

We are super under pressure about finding a new place to live. We planned to rent, but moving to a small town is proving to be as challenging as it is exciting. We haven't been able to find a place to live—at all. Our options either don't accept pets; have already filled up; or do not return phone calls. So we continue to search. And quickly.

Other things that have to be done in our new home: Find a new pediatrician: Shepherd will be missing his six-month appointment with our much-loved pediatrician. I am bummed about this. Lincoln friends, any recommendations for a great healthcare provider? Get new tires on my car: this sucks and is expensive and important. Get new plates, licenses, etc. Duh. Begin the job and childcare search and try to balance covering the immediate financial needs of our family with pursuing new opportunities.

This has all happened so quickly, and I feel pretty unprepared. Movers are coming today for a walk-through and packing starts this tonight; this weekend we will have a good idea of our moving timeline, which will be a great step forward.

So, enough with the semi-stressful stuff! Aaron's sister is coming down for the weekend to give us a hand with Shepherd while we pack and spend some time together before we are no longer within driving distance. We are excited to see her!

I'm composing a Tallahassee bucket list, and here's what I have so far. Tally friends, any other must-dos?

  • Go to Thomasville
  • Go to the beach (maybe to the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach Home?)
  • Take a picture under the Tallahassee Amtrak sign
  • Use up all of the food in our pantry, so we don't have to move it
  • Go to Food Truck Thursday
  • Purchase a piece of art from a local artist
  • Go to Wakulla Springs
  • Have a BLA at Tomatoland

Have a great weekend!

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