Friday, August 31, 2012

Laboring Away

It's Friday, and college football season has begun!

This week has been busy. We spent three of the four (so far) weeknights with friends this week, and Shepherd is getting used to staying up a little later than usual.

On Tuesday, we went to Lincoln to have dinner with the Ricley family, Brett, Nicole and sweet Jonathan. They are on their way to Salt Lake City to begin a new chapter as missionaries, and we were excited to "see them off." Brett and Aaron have been best friends since Kindergarten, and it was special to have both of our families together and to introduce Jonathan and Shepherd to each other.

On Wednesday, we met up at a local Mexican restaurant with Aaron's College roommate, Levi, and his sweet girlfriend. We got a good chuckle looking at the drink menu... One of their featured cocktails was called "Sex in the Beach." Lost in translation? Ha!

Last night we enjoyed dinner with some of Aaron's new colleagues and their wives. So fun!

Despite the busy nights, my days have felt pretty slow. Actually, I have felt pretty lethargic all week... My allergies have knocked me out and made me feel pretty blech. I finally found all of our medicines, so hopefully Claritin will come to the rescue. I still have a little to do downstairs (temporary curtain situation, hanging frames, some stuff in our bedroom) and all of the office/guest bedroom and Shepherd's room to work on. Slowly but surely! As I've unpacked, Shep has inched closer and closer to mobility. He is almost crawling, and I'm sitting here thinking where did my tiny baby go?

We are starting the Husker season of right with the Southern Mississippi game tomorrow with Aaron's parents (Shepherd's first Husker experience!). Looking forward to a good time and a good start to our 2012 season. Next week, my grandparents are planning to visit and meet their first great-grandchild, which is pretty cool. My other grandpa is having some health issues and was admitted in to the hospital last night, so please say a prayer that his tests will come back with no problems and he can go home soon. Also, we are expecting a new niece any day now, so prayers for a safe delivery for my sister-in-law and Baby Girl Nix!

Do you have any plans for the long weekend? Aaron doesn't get a Labor Day holiday, so we will be sticking close to home this weekend. Have a great time and safe travels if you're going anywhere!

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