Monday, August 13, 2012

Favorite Things :: Five Months

Shepherd Loves at Five Months

Shepherd Loves at Five Months by emilynix on Polyvore

Clockwise from top:

Stretchies are my pajamas of choice. Whereas most pajamas that fit him width-wise are too short and tight in the feet, these are long enough for Shepherd's tall frame and still fit him snugly. They also wash nicely and have fun, plain designs. I also like Baby Gap and Carter' for my string bean.

Rhino Oballs This is easy to grasp and hold, and Shepherd loves watching it roll across the floor. He can get his mouth around it, too.

Moose teething toy A fun, classic teething toy made organically and sustainably.

Sassy Go Go Friends Bird We've had this bird on Shepherd's car seat since he was born, and now he can reach out and pull the bird down and watch it "fly" back up. He still gets startled when he sees the toy move on its own.

Playground We have had lots and lots of tummy time lately as we work on rolling and sitting up. While I think a big pallet of blankets is just as good, Shepherd has really taken an interest in all of the toys that are connected to the top of his playground. He like scooting across, rolling over and exploring different aspects, including the striped and polka-dot support poles. Despite the garish colors and how much room this thing takes up, but it's proven its worth so far. I also like it because is one piece when assembled, washable, and can be disassembled in to smaller pieces.

Elephant lovie All of a sudden, Shepherd loves Ellie, his little elephant. It washes really well and is so soft.

Baby Sophie the Giraffe We have big Sophie and Baby Sophie, but Shepherd has taken an interest in Baby Sophie for the time being. It is easy for him to grasp because of the rings, and we have it with us pretty much everywhere we go. He just got his first tooth, and Baby Soph has been a great for him to chew on and relieve some pressure.

MAM bottles are still our favorite (his to drink, mine to clean). I do wish our grocery sold replacement parts, though. Oh, well, there's always Amazon.

I am looking forward to the next round of favorite things, as Shepherd will begin baby-led weaning soon. Do you have any tried-and-true advice or can you suggest any products? We are in the market for a high chair, preferably one that is easily wiped off. I would love a Stokke Tripp Trapp, but I'm thinking Ikea's high chair selection is more affordable and probably a better choice for us.

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