Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday. Tuesday.

Here's a list of things.

I said I would write Shepherd's three- and four-month updates two weeks ago. We're creeping up on five months, and neither post is done. Thank goodness for lunch breaks... now I just have to get my resident filmie to get the pictures sized correctly. It drives me crazy that I can't post pictures anymore without resizing them just so; I gave up on trying to figure out the code to change that.

It's funny how those little things shouldn't mean a lot but they do. Like, when I go back into the archives of my blog and see pictures completely messed up because of this template, I want to scrap it and start over from nothing. Maybe I will someday soon, when I make the time to.

When it's time to get my car serviced I get pretty excited to take it in. It feels like I'm taking care of it like I should. I'm due for an oil change here soon, and I think I'm going to get my car washed and detailed, too. Is anyone else oddly eager for things like that?

It still feels so strange to say I have a son. Not to know it or anything of that sort, but just to say that Shepherd is my son. I feel like Abraham Lincoln or Moses when I say that... maybe because I think saying you "have a son" seems like it should be done with a booming voice, as if it is a proclamation. Interestingly, Moses had a stutter, so I'm not sure why I think his voice is booming, Charlton Heston.

We are guilty of going in his room and spying on him while he sleeps. We always race to see who gets there first. One thing Aaron has as a parent that I will never have is the height advantage, which allows him to lean over the crib railings in order to give Shepherd a kiss while he's sleeping. I watch in envy any time we put Shepherd to sleep, wishing I could reach him.

I'm in a state of serious nursery paint color regret. I will know soon whether to keep it the current color or to paint it the color it should have been all along. I wish Shepherd's nursery was in a happy state of good enough, but it's not. Not even close. I feel like I need a do-over.

This week is creeping by. I do not love weeks like this. The rain is supposed to be coming, which could be a nice respite from the heat. The only drawback is the drive to Ma's house. It's canopy roads the whole way there, and I am a little afraid trees or branches will snap and fall on power lines on the car while Shepherd's inside. That may seem a little dramatic, but if you live in Tallahassee, you know that's a legitimate fear of happening almost every day during the summer!

My grandma and grandpa got Skype on their computer and we are excited to chat with them soon. I think it's crazy that they will be able to meet their great-grandson over the internet! My mom got an iphone, and it's been so fun to facetime with her and my dad. Shepherd gets to talk to them every night before bedtime. It's the best!

I've been eating meat-free meals for lunch every day. I'm not enjoying it yet, but I need to change some things, and this forces me to eat more veggies and saves us gas because I eat at work. None of that sounds as good as bbq right now, though.

Well, my lunch break is coming to an end...

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